Quiz: Should I Become A Cosmetologist?

Should I Become A Cosmetologist Quiz

The cosmetology field can offer vibrant and fulfilling careers. It all begins with the right training. Cosmetology school is a necessary step to becoming a cosmetologist.

As a cosmetologist, you will be able to express yourself as you beautify your clients. From hair styling and coloring to nail treatments and facials, you’ll be well versed in all things beauty because of your education. With the proper cosmetology training, you may even be prepared to own your own salon and manage the business.

Before embarking on your cosmetology training, explore whether a cosmetology career is the right fit for your personality, lifestyle, ideal workplace environment, and goals. Take this quiz to find out if becoming a cosmetologist will be a good fit for you as you plan your future training.

1. Science Behind Beauty

a. I can get behind the science of beauty!b. I’m not sure how I feel.c. No.

2. Social Atmosphere

a. I’m a people-person.b. I don’t mind it.c. I’m not a social person.

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3. Daily Activity

a. I love being up and around.b. I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll buy comfortable shoes.c. I like to be sitting during my work.

4. Work Schedule

a. I love variety!b. I could get used to it.c. I like a strict routine.

5. Trends Awareness

a. I’m the most stylish person I know.b. I like to, though not always.c. I’m not up on trends.

6. Time Management

a. I have no problem organizing my schedule.b. I’m pretty good with time management but could use some practice.c. I’m not very good at holding myself accountable.

7. Close Client Relationships

a. I’d love to wash and style clients’ hair.b. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable touching other people.c. I prefer to keep my hands to myself.

8. Creativity

a. I’m totally a creative person!b. I think I can be creative.c. I’m not so sure I’m creative.

9. Hands-On Training

a. Definitely. I’m totally a creative person!b. I’m unsure.c. I don’t think so.Read on to discover if you should go to cosmetology school.

Mostly As: Cosmetology is a great fit for you!

You’re an outgoing, creative person and cosmetology could be the perfect fit for you. You’ll meet new individuals every day and always be on top of the latest styles and trends. Between being active all day and working with people, this career will fulfil your social side while you get to express creativity through hair styles and colors. Studying cosmetology may offer you an exhilarating career as a hair stylist, nail technician or skincare specialist, and can lead to other opportunities. If you’re interested in cosmetology training, the Admissions Team at MTI can help you learn more about our Cosmetology Program.

Mostly Bs: Perhaps learn more about the program before diving in.

If you’re still undecided about studying cosmetology, read more on MTI’s Cosmetology Program to decide if the program is the right choice for you. By reading up on the program’s offerings, you may be able to determine if you’ll enjoy studying and working as a cosmetologist. You can also contact the MTI Admissions Team with any questions you may have.Also read What Are the Pros and Cons of Going to School for Cosmetology? to learn more.

Mostly Cs: Cosmetology may not be the best fit for you.

You don’t like being on your feet and prefer not to work with people, so studying cosmetology isn’t the right fit for you. Perhaps try a role that is rooted in an office and offers a more structured work schedule. Perhaps a position as a medical coder will provide you with a lifestyle you’re more interested in pursuing. Contact the MTI Admissions Team to learn more about other career options.Beginning a career in cosmetology starts with the right training. Contact the MTI Admissions Team to learn more about the Cosmetology Program.