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2023 Midwest Technical Institute High School Scholarship Winners

2023 MTI High School Scholarship Winners

Nearly $300,000 in trade school scholarship funds were awarded to 88 high school seniors across Illinois and Missouri.

JUNE 1, 2023: Midwest Technical Institute (MTI) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 MTI High School Scholarship Program for graduating high school seniors!

This year, the program awarded 88 scholarships totaling $292,000 across Midwest Technical Institute (MTI)’s four campus locations in Illinois and Missouri.

In total across MTI’s four campus locations and sister school Delta Technical College (DTC)’s two campus locations, 226 high school seniors will receive approximately $695,400 in MTI and DTC scholarship funds.

Congratulations to the 2023 MTI High School Scholarship Winners!

MTI would like to congratulate the following high school seniors who received an MTI Scholarship:

*Organized by campus and listed in alphabetical order.

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Midwest Technical Institute: East Peoria, IL Campus

  • Adrianna Bachtold, Prairie Central High School, Dental Assisting
  • Alex Fike, Metamora Township High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Amira Sargent, Peoria High School, Medical Assisting
  • Ariel Rickert, New Hope Christian Academy, Massage Therapy
  • Brynne Stanfill, Peoria Manual Academy, Medical Assisting
  • Caydance Keehnen, Deer Creek-Mackinaw High School, Dental Assisting
  • Cooper Herberger, Pekin Community High School, Medical Assisting
  • Damin Burke, Ridgeview High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • David Hernandez, Richwoods High School, Welding
  • Emily Hill, Midwest Central High School, Dental Assisting
  • Haylie Balagna, Farmington High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • John “Eric” Barto, Stark County High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Jordan Gibson, Princeville High School, Welding
  • Jordan Watts, Peoria High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Justin Runyan, Trinity Academy, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Malik Mundell, YouthBuild McLean County, Welding & Pipefitting

Midwest Technical Institute: Springfield, IL Campus

  • Adrian Blanton, Jacksonville High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Alan Schafer, Lanphier High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Ashton Ionson, Pittsfield High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Autumn Harris, Virginia High School, Dental Assisting
  • Blake Bushue, Effingham High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Cail Lang, Jacksonville High School, Welding
  • Cameron Cano, Glenwood High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Carson Bowman, Franklin High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Colbee Savage, Welding
  • Cole Nollman, Pana High School, HVAC/R Technician
  • Coleton Hopp, Hartsburg-Emden High School, Welding
  • Deagan Eads, Lincoln Community High School, Welding
  • Elijah Leonard, Pittsfield High School, HVAC/R Technician
  • Gage Dunne, Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, Welding
  • Hunter Walters, A-C Central High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Jaclyn Mibbs, Havana High School, Medical Assisting
  • JaMya Caldwell, Jacksonville High School, Dental Assisting
  • Jayden Moore, Jacksonville High School, Medical Assisting
  • Jude Yakes, Glenwood High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Kayla Brunk, Virginia High School, Medical Assisting
  • Kobe Clark, Astoria High School, Welding
  • Levi Kindle, Pittsfield High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Logan Farrar, Lincolnwood High School, Welding
  • Lucas Stufflebean, Carlinville High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Mia Jones, Glenwood High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Oakley Bollinger, Astoria High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Shayne White, Franklin High School, Welding
  • Summer Ratliff, A-C Central High School, Medical Assisting
  • Teagan Cantrill, Glenwood High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Vincent Ptacek, Routt Catholic High School, HVAC/R Technician
  • Wyatt Pollard, Jacksonville High School, Welding

Midwest Technical Institute: Moline, IL Campus

  • Abel Valenzuela, Muscatine High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Alyssa Holton, Alternative High School – Coolidge Campus, Medical Coding Specialist
  • Amber Johnson, United Township High School, Medical Assisting
  • Anthony Duran, Davenport Mid City High School, HVAC/R Technician
  • Arianna Saultz, Muscatine High School, Medical Assisting
  • Caleb Barnett, Kewanee High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Carson Etheridge, Princeton High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Danny Lane, United Township High School, Welding
  • Duane Clague Jr., Kewanee High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Emily Perez Gomez, Moline High School, Medical Assisting
  • Ethan Wallace, Princeton High School, HVAC/R Technician
  • Gabriela Gonzalez, Davenport West High School, Cosmetology
  • Happiness Elias, United Township High School, HVAC/R Technician
  • Harley Noel, Moline High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Javares Edwards, Central DeWitt High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Jetsery Navarro, Moline High School, Cosmetology
  • Jonathan Colon, Muscatine High School, HVAC/R Technician
  • Jose Gomez-Zamora, Coolidge Alternative High School, Welding
  • Kaden Larson, Cambridge Junior/Senior High School, Welding
  • Kassandra Rocha, Moline High School, Cosmetology
  • Lance Pollard, Geneseo High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Matthew Sancen, United Township High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • McKenna Minteer, Moline High School, Medical Coding Specialist
  • Natalie Maloy, Galesburg High School, Cosmetology
  • Nihyeva Henderson, Rock Island High School, Medical Assisting
  • Quincy Perry, Orion High School, HVAC/R Technician
  • Roberto Martinez, Moline High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Samantha Gerstel, Moline High School, Welding
  • Seth Barajas, Louisa-Muscatine High School, Welding
  • Tanner Seefeldt, Louisa-Muscatine High School, Welding & Pipefitting
  • Zachary Woods, United Township High School, HVAC/R Technician

Midwest Technical Institute: Springfield, MO Campus

  • Aubrey Huskey, Fordland High School, Dental Assisting
  • Denisha Skinner, Nixa High School, Cosmetology
  • Emma Williams, Monett High School, Dental Assisting
  • Jeremiah Hampton, Mount Vernon High School, Professional Truck Driving
  • Karen Beltran, Forsyth High School, Cosmetology
  • Maddyson Wooledge, Gainesville High School, Cosmetology
  • Marissa Mclaughlin, Homeschooled, Cosmetology
  • Titus Mizell, Willard High School , Welding & Pipefitting
  • Tristan Pickett, Mansfield High School, Cosmetology
  • William Woods, Grain Valley High School, Welding