Student Services

Midwest Technical Institute Student Success Specialists and Offered Services

Midwest Technical Institute’s Student Success Specialists (SSS) assist students during their transition into and out of school, based on their individual needs. This includes providing the necessary one-on-one support to students at Midwest Technical Institute (MTI).

Apartment and Housing

The SSS maintains an up-to-date list of housing resources, which includes affordable apartments and housing. There are also resources for students who face an emergency housing situation, like homelessness. Apartment and housing resources are collected from local papers and online listings. Listings include local apartment complexes that meet the needs of MTI students and income-based housing options.Flyers and displays throughout the campus and in the Student Success Specialist Office (SSS Office) provide information to students about housing. Apartment and housing support from SSS is helpful for students who aren’t from the area, or those who may not have prior experience looking for housing.

Childcare Location Assistance

The SSS provides a variety of resources to help students find childcare that meets their individualized needs. MTI has helped many students navigate school and parenting at the same time. Affordability is a consideration since many students are only working part time, so the SSS will try and find local daycares that work with low-income students. SSS also uses the agency Child Care Connection to provide students with affordable, quality options for their childcare needs and the assistance they may need to meet the payments.Students can access an up-to-date list of local childcare providers in the SSS Office or at displays around campus.

Lunch and Learn Programs

Lunch and Learn Programs are monthly informational presentations on a variety of topics, from money saving to interview skills, that are designed to help provide students information relevant to both their professional and personal lives. These programs are a fun, social atmosphere that offer a fresh perspective and networking opportunitiesLunch and Learn Programs may be led by guest speakers or local organizations, and can be specific to a certain industry such as allied health. This fun and helpful programming can also provide useful life skills like job interview tips, budgeting, note taking, and maintaining positive mental health.

Part-time Job Assistance

The SSS are committed to helping students find part-time employment and they have experience with helping students achieve a balance between work and school. This assistance may include: meeting individually with students to discuss the kind of job they are looking for, discussing other immediate life concerns they have while they are job hunting, assisting with networking to find the best job fit for their schedule, and keeping an up-to-date listing of local jobs.This regularly maintained and updated job list is available at the SSS Office, bulletin boards and displays around campus and in the student lounge. If you have questions about where the local job listings are located at your local campus, please see the SSS.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is a computer lab and text book resource library, with computer workstations for students who need to complete their school work. The textbook resources are beneficial for students completing projects and school assignments, as well as for those receiving tutoring.

Resume Building and Workshops

The SSS want students to succeed after graduation from MTI, so they may provide resume building and interviewing techniques that will help students once they have graduated. Additionally, resume building is often incorporated into Lunch and Learn topics or program curriculums. Any student interested in resume building should contact their SSS.

Transportation Assistance

There are various ways that the SSS provide assistance with transportation to and from school, both for local students or those living farther away. This can include reaching out to instructors and students to set up carpools, and providing information on reduced bus fare and local bus schedules. Print outs of the bus and shuttle routes may be available at the SSS Office. Please see your SSS if you need assistance with transportation.

Student Activities

The SSS Office sponsors many fun and engaging activities and get-togethers for MTI students. Many of the activities are created so students can get to know one another and the staff better, or further their career interests.Some of the many ways students can have fun on campus include nacho day, student appreciation day, spirit week, and popcorn day. MTI also hosts fundraisers like bake sales, blood drives, and school supply drives for the local community. On Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, MTI may hold raffles. Career fairs, meet and greets, and days specific to certain allied health careers can also help with networking and future career goals. Read “Day in the Life of an MTI Student” to learn more.


The SSS will help connect students with instructors to access tutoring if the student requests it or if a need is identified. Tutoring is provided by all instructors with the intent to help students succeed. Students may create study groups, which can help one another prepare for class and create new friendships.

Other Available Services Include:

  • Apparel Ordering
  • Campus Portal Assistance
  • Verification for Employment
  • Verification of Enrollment Letters
  • Verification for Externship Letters