1098-T Statement

The 1098-T form is the Tuition Statement that each college or career school uses to report qualified tuition and related education expenses to you and the IRS. You or your parent/guardian may be able to claim these expenses as education related tax credits.*


1098-T Tuition Statement FAQ

When will my 1098-T Tuition Statement be available?

We will begin to process the information after the calendar year ends and all transactions have been posted to the student accounts. Once this process is complete communication will be sent to student emails.  Statements will be made available no later than January 31st.

How do I find my 1098-T?

  • Click on this link
  • Your username (first name. last name this username will never change) and the password you created during your LRC training.

If you have questions or problems or need your password reset, please contact your campus and speak with the student success specialist.

Why did I not receive a Form 1098-T?

Institutions are not required to furnish Form 1098-T to non-resident aliens or to individuals whose qualified tuition and related expenses are waived or paid with scholarships or grants.

Does the IRS have a copy of my 1098-T?

Yes, Midwest Technical Institute is required to send a copy of Form 1098-T to the IRS.*Questions regarding individual taxes should be directed to your individual tax preparer.