How to Achieve Work School Life Balance

Maybe you want to enroll in school, but you’re worried about balancing full time work and school. Fortunately, there are options for school that better suit busy lifestyles for students who want to pursue a diploma while still working. With careful planning and research, the process of balancing school and work can be less stressful and lead to a successful future.

6 tips for how to achieve work school balance

Achieving a work school balance is possible and can begin with following the six steps below:

Have a flexible class schedule

The first step is choosing a program with a time commitment that you can balance with your other responsibilities. This could include a program that offers evening classes or alternative class schedules that can accommodate busy lifestyles. A flexible schedule can make juggling schoolwork, work, and family responsibilities easier.

Build a support network

It can be very helpful for busy students balancing work and school to create a network of support that includes friends, family, colleagues, classmates, and instructors. A positive network of support can help you manage the pros and cons of balancing school and work, while also offering support throughout your journey as a studentThis support can include childcare, study help, or friendly advice.Speaking to other students who are balancing work, school, and family can also be helpful since they are experiencing the same thing or have in the past.

Set financial goals

Part of your plan to attend school while working should be your long-term financial goals. Creating a financial plan [1] to help you stay on course is a good place to start. Earning an education can help you make financial gains in the long run, and also opens new opportunities for career growth.Speak with the Financial Aid Team at the school you attend or are considering attending. They can assist you with finding scholarships, federal financial aid and other financial options available to you.

Utilize school resources

When choosing a school, it’s important to know the resources available to students through Student Services. Typically, they can provide assistance to students balancing a busy schedule through different resources, such as tutoring or locating a car pool group.The Student Success Specialists at Midwest Technical Institute (MTI) are available to help students locate childcare, local housing, transportation resources and additional services that can offer the necessary support and skills for balancing school with other responsibilities.

Stay organized

Decide on a calendar system that works for you and helps you stay organized. This is also a place to keep track of breaks you’ve scheduled for yourself. Rest is important.

Choose the right school

Trade schools offer a variety of programs of different lengths, which can be   ideal for working students and students with families. Most of MTI’s programs and courses can be completed in less than a year, and daytime and evening classes are available. These programs at MTI include, Medical AssistingDental AssistingWelding and HVAC /R-MAR.Before choosing a program, research the time and responsibilities involved and determine if it is the right choice for your lifestyle.

Balance work, school, and life with the right program

If you’re interested in going back to school while working, fill out the form below to contact MTI and learn more.Sources[1]

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