What Does an HVAC Technician Do?

training to be an HVAC technician

HVAC Service Technicians

Learning the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to perform the job of an HVAC service technician in a formal HVAC program is a common path to this career. Some HVAC schools also prepare their students for Section 608 EPA Certification. This is the case at Midwest Technical Institute, which offers HVAC and major appliance repair training in its HVAC/R-MAR Technician Program at its campuses in Springfield, East Peoria, and Moline, Illinois. HVAC technician training is also available at the school’s campus in Springfield, Missouri.

HVAC Technician Job Description

HVAC Installation TasksHVAC Maintenance TasksHVAC Repair Tasks
Putting in Electrical Wiring & ComponentsInspecting & Testing HVAC/R Components & SystemsInspecting & Testing HVAC/R Components & Systems
Installing HVAC/R UnitsChecking that HVAC/R System Controls Work CorrectlyTroubleshooting System Problems
Verifying the Right Materials & Components Have Been Installed in the Correct LocationCleaning or Changing Air FiltersTesting Lines, Components, & Connections for Refrigerant Leaks
Testing the Equipment to Confirm It Is Installed and Operates According to the Manufacturer’s SpecificationsInspecting & Unclogging Condensate DrainsDiscussing Equipment Problems with Customers
Testing, Adjusting & Balancing the HVAC/R EquipmentTightening Electrical & Fuel Connections in Heating UnitsTaking HVAC/R Systems Apart
Documenting Installation & Testing InformationChecking that HVAC/R System Controls Work CorrectlyUsing Mechanical, Pneumatic & Electrical Testing Equipment
Communication about the Installation with CustomersLubricating Motors & Other Moving PartsRepairing Old Components or Wiring
Selling Service Contracts for Future Equipment MaintenanceChecking & Adjusting A/C Refrigerant LevelsReplacing Malfunctioning Parts
Cleaning Up Packaging & Debris from InstallationCleaning A/C Condenser & Evaporator CoilsReassembling Repaired Systems

HVAC Technician Working Conditions & Environments

HVAC Job Locations

For the most part, HVAC technicians work indoors, but occasionally they’ll spend time outside fixing components like heat exchangers. Their worksites are often in schools, stores, office buildings, factories, and homes.

Top Employers of HVAC Technicians

IndustryPercentage of Employment
Wholesale Trade3 Percent
Private, State & Local Educational Services4 Percent
Retail Trade4 Percent
Self-Employment9 Percent
Air-Conditioning, Plumbing & Heating Contractors64 Percent

Top States for HVAC Technicians

StateNumber of HVAC Techs Employed
New York15,930

Working in the HVAC Industry

As you can see, HVAC technicians play a big role in keeping people comfortable in their homes and businesses, which is one reason this profession is set to keep pace with the average job growth for all professions in the coming years. Their work requires theoretical knowledge and practical skills that can be learned in an HVAC training program.


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