Services and Resources for MTI Graduates


Are you interested in a program at Midwest Technical Institute (MTI), but you’re curious about MTI’s graduate resources and services? Are strong graduate services and resources important to helping you make a decision about your education? MTI prepares students to find success after graduation through hands-on learning experience and mentoring opportunities.

Even after graduation, MTI supports their students with various services and resources. For qualified students, resume workshops, interview workshops, career placement assistance (for those who qualify), and general students services are offered at MTI.

What Are the Student Services Provided by MTI?

Upon request, MTI offers a variety of student services to students preparing to graduate, as well as prospective and current students. These services may include tutoring, assistance with part-time jobs, workshops and resume building, locating housing options, transportation assistance, and locating childcare.For a full list of services, visit the MTI Student Services page. Students enrolling into a program or preparing for graduation may find these services useful. Each individual academic program also offers guidance on job-readiness skills like resume writing, professionalism and interview skills.

Career Placement Assistance at MTI

Career placement [1] is a point of pride for many trade schools like MTI, and is justifiably touted as one of the strongest assets offered at trade schoolsAll qualified students have the opportunity to take advantage of career placement assistance at MTI. To qualify at MTI students must:

  • Maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of C or above
  • 90% attendance record
  • Have the necessary skills required for the available position

MTI program directors are available to offer job and career placement guidance and assistance to graduates and enrolled students. Out-of-state positions may require additional or different certifications or exams, and MTI recommends that students independently research those requirements. MTI cannot promise a job after graduation or guarantee a specific wage. Depending on the student’s academic and attendance record and other standards of professionalism chosen by MTI, recommendations or evaluations may be available to students.The hands-on learning and student services at MTI are designed to prepare students for job opportunities after graduation.

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Success after Graduation

MTI graduates typically feel prepared for professional life after graduation, because of the hands-on skills they learned in programs at MTI. Some graduates have shared their success stories and how their new careers increased their income and free time, thanks to the training provided by MTI programs. Recognition may come to students in other forms as well, like Terrence Goodau who completed MTI’s Professional Truck Driving Program, and was nominated for Trucking’s Top Rookie Award.

Support for Their Students and Graduates Is a Priority at MTI