Regional High School Welding Competition (Missouri)

Springfield, MO. – A number of Missouri region high school students received scholarship prizes for their welding skills at the annual Midwest Technical Institute and Delta Technical College Regional High School Welding Competition Saturday, April 7 at MTI’s Springfield, MO campus.

The MTI and DTC Regional HS Welding Competition is an invite-only competition for motivated high school seniors who want to prove that they have what it takes to be a welder. All participants in the regional welding competition received a $500 MTI Scholarship, and had the opportunity to win up to $10,000 in additional scholarship prizes. Each participant completed a timed welding project that was judged before a panel of welding experts. For students new to welding, our instructors provided a welding workshop that was geared towards students interested in a hands-on trade.

The annual event featured 23 participants from 11 area high schools and career centers, including: Willard High School, Marshfield High School, Aurora High School, Republic High School, Franklin Technology Center (Joplin High School), Fair Grove High School, El Dorado Springs High, Waynesville High School, Branson High School, Verona High School, Gainesville High School.

Franklin Technology Center students swept the top three honors with first place going to Kohl Wallace, who won a $10,000 MTI Scholarship. Matthew Horner finished second and was awarded a $5,000 MTI Scholarship. In third place was Nick Wolfe who won a $2,500 MTI Scholarship.

Established in 2007, the competition offers high school students more than an opportunity to showcase their welding talents. Participants also had the opportunity to enroll in one of MTI’s Welding Programs. Our welding programs provide skills and hands-on training geared to meet the tough demands of today’s employers. The objective is for our students to gain entry-level employment across the country in the manufacturing, construction and maintenance fields. The certifications we issue our graduates maximize employability potential in the welding industry.

MTI’s Director of High School Development, Tad Haroldsen, described the skills, drive and passion of this year’s contestants, saying, “The students at this year’s welding competition showed great motivation, competitiveness and passion in demonstrating their welding abilities. They gave their best effort in their welding projects and represented themselves, their high school and their welding instructors well. We look forward to assisting all participants in their passion to pursuing a welding career.”

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