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Circuit Board Medics & Midwest Technical Institute Strive for Excellence in Training, Trucking, and Technology

At MTI, we know that a semi is more than just a truck.

For owner/operators, a truck is your livelihood. If it goes down, you have reason for concern.

That’s why Bobby Merckling, Director of Operations and Training for CDL and Professional Truck Driving at Midwest Technical Institute, was tasked to find a solution to get MTI’s out-of-operation semi-trucks back on the road.

“The way I look at it, 5 trucks down means 25 students that I can’t help…25 people that I can’t train,” said Bobby.

So, Bobby began his research for a cost-effective solution, and came across Circuit Board Medics.

In a world that tends toward replacement, Circuit Board Medics recognizes the value of fixing what is broken. Founded in 2010, Circuit Board Medics (CBM) has cemented its place in the remanufacturing world through high quality work and stellar customer service.

CBM specializes in repairing and rebuilding circuitry in automotive and appliance modules. By repairing these components, CBM offers customers an alternative to high-cost replacement parts and a timely solution for malfunctioning ovens, refrigerators, cars, trucks and more.

“What sold me on Circuit Board Medics was the customer service. They would always remember my name. They were so knowledgeable and sincere,” said Bobby.

After sitting motionless for a year, the first truck now had a rebuilt module and started right up. It was driven back to campus, and we’ve been training with it ever since.

MTI is always striving for excellence when it comes to the training we provide our students, and it all starts with having optimal equipment. Both MTI and Circuit Board Medics operate using a set of core values, including:

CBM: Ownership, Grit, Excellence, People, Credibility, Restoration, Adaptability, Ingenuity, and Passion

MTI: Positive Attitude, Respect, Initiative, Dedication, and Excellence (P.R.I.D.E.)

“They’re in the business of helping people and fixing things…and that’s what we do too,” said Bobby.

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