What Does a Welder Do?

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Welder Job Description

What is Welding?

Common Arc Welding Processes

Arc Welding ProcessElectrode TypeApplications
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)Consumable, Stick ElectrodeRefrigeration, Automotive, Plumping, Construction, Pipe & Structural Welding
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)Consumable, Wire ElectrodeAutomotive Repair, Construction, Maritime, Robotics & Plumbing
Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)Consumable, Flux-Filled, Wire ElectrodeManufacturing & Shipbuilding
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)Non-Consumable, Tungsten ElectrodeVehicle Manufacturing, Bicycle & Pipe Welding

Midwest Technical Institute offers welding training programs at its campuses in the cities of Springfield, East Peoria, and Moline, Illinois. Welding training is also available at the school’s Springfield, Missouri, campus. MTI students receive welding certification from the school in SMAW, GTAW, and FCAW.

What Are Welder Duties?

PreparationWeldingPost-Welding Tasks
Analyze Blueprints & Welding SpecificationsLay Out, Position & Align Components to Be Welded Using Straightedges & a Combination of Rulers, Squares & CalipersExamine Workpieces for Defects & Discontinuities
Calculate Dimensions of Materials to Be Welded to Verify They Meet SpecificationsIgnite Torches or Power SuppliesUse Templates or Straightedges to Measure that Workpieces Meet Welding Specifications
Put on Safety Gear: Heat-Resistant Gloves, Facial Masks, Goggles, Protective Lenses, Helmets, Heavy, Oil-Protective Clothing & Safety BootsUse Thermal-Cutting Equipment to Cut or Scrap MetalsClean & Treat Workpieces: Remove Slag or Dross, Buff, Polish, or Use a Heat Treatment
Clear Workspace of Debris & ObstructionsHeat Bent, Grind, or Bolt ComponentsClean & Maintain Equipment and Machinery
Inspect Structures to Be WeldedOperate Hand & Power Tools & Other Welding Equipment (Manual or Semi-Automatic)Clean Workspace
Select, Inspect & Calibrate Appropriate Equipment & Tools for the JobFuse, Cast, Fabricate, or Forge Components in Vertical, Flat, or Overhead PositionsCommunicate with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
Disassemble Equipment for Maintenance & RepairFill Holes to Increase the Size of Metal PartsTurn in Work
Clean or Treat Metals & Workpieces to Be WeldedMonitor One’s Work to Prevent OverheatingRemove & Put Away Safety Gear

When Do Welder’s Work?

Where Are Welders Needed?

Considering that more than half of U.S. products are made with welding, it’s no wonder that many industries need welders. 63% of welders work in manufacturing. Below are some of the most common sectors of manufacturing that employ welders.

Top Manufacturing Employers of Welders

Manufacturing SectorPercentage of Employment
Fabricated Metal Architectural and Structural Products13.04 Percent
Machinery for Mining, Agriculture & Construction9.92 Percent
Motor Vehicle Trailers and Bodies13.22 Percent
General Use Machinery6.45 Percent

Other Employers of Welders

Type of EmployerPercentage of Employment
Specialty Trade Contractors7 Percent
Self-Employed Welders5 Percent
Repair & Maintenance Businesses4 Percent
Wholesalers of Durable Goods4 Percent

Types of Welding Jobs

Working in the Welding Industry

As you can see, the work of welders is largely hands-on and somewhat physically demanding. In return for their efforts, welders often get to enjoy the fulfillment of seeing a project through from start to finish and of contributing to the creation of the goods and structures the nation relies on.


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