15 Best Apps for CDL Drivers

15 best cdl apps for drivers

*Midwest Technical Institute (MTI) reminds you to never use your cell phone while driving. Distracted drivers are one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. Operating a cell phone while driving significantly reduces the driver’s awareness and is more likely to result in significant traffic accidents. Stay safe.

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Navigation Apps for CDL Drivers

Professional truck driving requires a lot of time on the road. Making the most efficient use of your time and being able to meet delivery windows depends on a driver’s ability to plan routes, locate weigh stations, and find the most affordable areas to fuel up. These are some of the most popular navigation apps used in commercial truck driving. 


1. Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

While there are plenty of GPS apps to choose from, Waze has a devoted following thanks to its ability to provide real-time updates to drivers about road conditions. Other Waze users in your area keep you instantly informed by reporting traffic, construction, crashes, and other events that can impact your route. 

App Features:

  • Instant traffic and hazard alerts
  • Points out nearby food and gas options
  • Adapts routes to avoid traffic and save you time
  • Provides customizable voice navigation

2. GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas

GasBuddy makes it easy to locate fueling stations and check local gas prices throughout the country. The app also displays gas prices near you, allowing you to tailor affordable routes and take advantage of the best deals. In addition, GasBuddy has a built-in trip cost calculator, station outage tracker, and gas price map and log to keep inventory over your incurred expenses. 

App Features:

  • Easily locate gas stations near you
  • Check local fuel prices
  • Calculate the cost of your trip
  • Keep track of your expenses within the app


3. Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps

Trucker Path is one of the most widely used CDL apps available and has a community of over 1 million drivers. This platform provides an active forum for truck drivers to communicate. The app is handy for helping truckers locate over 40,000 truck stops and weigh stations throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, Trucker Path assists in locating parking and mapping out driving routes. 

App Features:

  • Active CDL community with member forums
  • Directions to over 40,000 national truck stops and weigh stations
  • Parking assistance
  • Ability to plan routes and search gas prices


General Apps for CDL Drivers 

Over the course of CDL training programs, drivers learn the importance of trip planning. These popular apps help make key aspects of commercial truck driving more convenient, including purchasing weigh tickets and booking rates. 


4. Trucker Tools

This convenient app provides drivers with an accurate way to locate, book premium loads, and map routes. Similar to other apps in this list, Trucker Tools also allows users to easily search nearby gas prices and provide directions to the closest truck stops in your area. 

App Features:

  • Ability to quickly book premium loads
  • Review load requirements in-app
  • Secure competitive booking rates
  • Trip planning capabilities


5. Weigh My Truck 

The CAT Scale Weigh My Truck app gives you the ability to weigh your truck and pay for the load from the convenience of your smartphone. Users create an account that stores their information, periodically sending secure PDF copies of your CAT Scale weigh tickets. 

App Features:

  • Weigh and pay from your phone
  • Receive secure PDF weigh tickets
  • Send email copies of weigh tickets
  • Receive printed CAT Scale tickets at weigh stations


6. Drivewyze

Truck drivers rely on the innovative features within Drivewyze to help save time, money, and stress. The app can automatically identify nearby weigh stations and can send you an alert within a two mile radius from an inspection site. Drivewyze is also able to send bypass requests to save time. 

App Features:

  • Find nearby weigh stations and inspection sites
  • Automatically bypass sites when possible
  • Receive automatic alerts to your smartphone
  • 30-day complimentary trial, no auto-renewal


7. PrePass Motion

Similar to other apps from this list, the PrePass app gives CDL drivers the flexibility to bypass weigh stations with the convenience of their smartphone. According to the app’s publishers, PrePass Motion is the most reliable and widely adopted weigh station bypass system used in the country. 

App Features:

  • Bypass weigh stations with the app
  • Works at fixed and mobile weigh stations
  • Provides safety alerts
  • Saves fleets time, fuel, and money

8. TRANSFLO Mobile

Transflo® Mobile+ bills itself a complete trucking solution in a single convenient app. CDL drivers can use the app for on-the-go scanning solutions and quick document delivery. New features within the app also allow for accident and OS&D submission, load review and acceptance, intuitive navigation designed around trucking routes, weigh station bypasses, messaging with brokers, and fuel finger perks like myPilot and Love’s Connect. 

App Features:

  • Designed specifically for professional truck drivers
  • All-in-one app provides many popular utilities
  • Allows for on-the-go scanning and document delivery
  • Integrates with rewards programs like myPilot and Love’s Connect

Weather Apps for CDL Drivers

Weather is an important consideration that directly impacts the safety of professional truck drivers. With extreme weather conditions on the rise throughout the world, staying on top of hazardous conditions can present certain challenges on the road. These popular weather apps help CDL drivers plan around evolving conditions. 


9. The Weather Channel

Known as the World’s Most Accurate Forecaster, the Weather Channel app keeps you informed about conditions on the road. Receive real-time radar updates, storm alerts, and extreme weather alerts. 

App Features:

  • Weather forecasts up to two weeks in advance
  • Track rain intensity and precipitation
  • Detailed info regarding sunset times
  • Receive alerts regarding extreme weather conditions


10. MyRadar Weather Radar

One of the most popular weather apps available, MyRadar has a sleek and easy-to-use interface that quickly displays the weather in your area. Using your location, MyRadar overlays an animated live radar (with loops up to two hours) to give you a quick impression of conditions heading your way. 

App Features:

  • Intuitive maps with animated weather overlays
  • Receive weather and environmental alerts
  • ‘Wildfire’ layers keep drivers aware of closures
  • See how wind affects conditions in your area


Health & Wellness Apps for CDL Drivers

Truck driving can be physically and mentally demanding-when you spend a significant portion of your time behind the wheel, it’s important to be mindful of your overall health. These popular apps are commonly used by CDL drivers and offer convenient ways to track sleep, diet, and exercise. 

11. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

Headspace is a popular app that thousands of people use to regulate mood, minimize stress, and create a more conducive environment for sleep. The app features guided meditations and teaches simple mindfulness skills. Whether you’re new to meditation or well practiced, there’s something for everyone. 

App Features:

  • Guided meditations focusing in areas like stress, focus, and anxiety
  • Practice mindfulness on your own schedule
  • Allows you to track your app usage
  • Requires a subscription to unlock key features


12. Calm

Billed as the #1 app focusing on sleep, meditation, and relaxation, Calm has millions of users and is perfect for people of all experience levels practicing mindfulness. One of the most popular and noteworthy features of the app are the ‘sleep stories’, in which professional actors and vocal talent from around the world narrate soothing bedtime tales to lull you to restful sleep. 

App Features:

  • Guided meditations in topics focusing on stress, anxiety, and more
  • Recommended by psychiatrists, therapists, and experts in mental health 
  • Choose from +100 sleep stories 
  • Requires a subscription to unlock key features


13. MyFitnessPal

Being conscious of your diet and exercise can be challenging as a professional truck driver, but fortunately, MyFitnessPal helps make it easier. This popular app allows users to log meals and activity for better oversight on their progress and analyze nutritional goals over time. 

App Features:

  • Easy interface allows you to easily track calories consumed/burned
  • Set fitness goals based on your current weight, track progress over time
  • Receive access to meal planning and fitness advice
  • Premium features available with subscription

Travel Reward Programs for CDL Drivers

One of the things they may not cover in CDL driving school is the perks of racking up hundreds of miles on the road. As a professional truck driver, you can take advantage of some unique rewards programs that also provide some convenient features to make your trips more efficient. 


14. Love’s Connect

The Love’s Connect app allows you to locate any of Love’s 480 Travel Stops, reserve showers, activate commercial fuel pumps, request Tire Care roadside assistance, and view your rewards balance. It’s also a handy way to directly get in touch with Love’s customer service team. 

App Features:

  • Earn rewards like free showers and drinks, easily track your reward balances
  • Get directions to your nearest Love’s Travel Stop
  • Request roadside assistance and chat with customer service on-the-go
  • Check real-time fuel prices and more


15. Pilot Flying J: myRewards Plus

Similar to the Love’s Connection app, Pilot Flying J: myRewards Plus is designed to help CDL drivers save time and money. Users can take advantage of the Trip Planner feature to coordinate driving routes and review fuel prices. The app also gives drivers the ability to reserve showers, parking, and other amenities from the convenience of their smartphone. 

App Features:

  • Earn myRewards over-time for free showers and fuel discounts, track balances
  • Receive exclusive daily offers for Pilot J locations
  • View each location’s amenities and review fuel prices
  • Receive important updates on store status and limited time offers

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